What’s Hanging You Up?
Surveying Possible Blocks to Your Natural Capabilities

 Whenever we’re not in a state of mental and physical well-being, we’ve unintentionally put an automatic mental hold on some of our natural abilities. Like a default setting on a computer that was programmed long ago, this automatic hold is out of our awareness and blocks us from doing those things that would naturally correct any imbalance in our mind, our body or our life.

 This survey will help you to identify any mental default settings that could be hanging you up right now, blocking the natural dynamic flow of your physical and psychic energy. What you discover will also help us focus your coaching sessions so you can understand when you set these blocks and why, evaluate if they still serve any useful function in your life and, if not, free this vital energy.

 The questions in this survey focus on the type of reactions you’re having to your current situation. These reactions are symptoms of outdated and dysfunctional mental settings and you can follow them right to the source and learn how to release them.

 Below are seven natural capabilities that we are all born. These capabilities assure not only our survival but also our ability to create a fulfilling life. Under each capability is a list of reactions that suggest you may be blocking your abilities in this area. Check any of the items that apply to your life, particularly to your thoughts and feelings about any particular situation that is bothering you at this time. Add up the number of items you’ve checked for each capability in the space provided.

 Capability #1 - Seizing Opportunities   

Thinking on Your Own         
___ Frequently worried, concerned and fearful of the unknown
___ Fraught with “what if’ scenarios and doubts
___ Nagging feeling that something bad is going to happen
___ Replaying a history of failures

Making Effective Decisions    
___ Lots of undone projects
___ Bogged down in analysis paralysis and confusion
___ Information overload
___ Difficulty planning and managing your time
___ Feeling mentally conflicted and nervous

                                           Total Number of Items Checked ____Out of  9          
Capability #2 - Focusing       

   Discovering Where You Fit  
___ Disorganized
___ Unable to make clear decisions
___ Can’t seem to communicate clearly
___ Difficulty concentrating

  Doing What Needs to Be Done      
    ___ Wanting to have things go your way and be in control all the time
    ___ Have trouble controlling your expenses 
    ___ Worrying about how to keep everything together 
    ___ Feeling like your life is controlled by others and your situation

                                            Total Number of Items Checked ____ Out of                                                                                         
Capability #3 - Holding Your Own  

 Taking Action on Your Behalf     
___ Easy to anger, fly off the handle, or frequent cursing
___ Feeling hostile and angry about your current situation 
___ Impatient
___ Indecisive

   Speaking Up for Yourself    
    ___ Anxious, fearful about the future
___ Forgetful 
___  Burned out, chronically tired, or difficulty handling high-pressure situations
___ Unable to sleep

   Staying Ahead of the Curves
___ Tired of same old routine 
___ Feeling stifled
___ Need room to breath
___ Can’t catch up

             Total Number of Items Checked ____  Out of  12                                         

Capability #4 -Taking Care of Business  

      Commanding Respect      
___ Feeling bored
___ Tired of self-sacrificing
___ Lack of self-confidence
___  Difficulty setting boundaries and saying “No”
___ Wishing you were more like someone else

        Releasing Your Brakes     
___ Others seem to have what you deserve
___ Others get the credit for what you’ve done
___ Feeling resentful of others’ success
___ Feeling unrewarded

       Attracting Success without Distress       
            ___ Discomfort with change
            ___ Overly sensitive to criticism
            ___  Taking things personally
            ___ Fear of selling
           ___ Entangled in problems from the past or from handing the problems of others

            Protecting Your Assets     
            ___ Overreacting to things.
            ___ Not feeling safe or trusting you’ll be able to protect yourself
            ___ Pushing yourself too hard or having frequent illnesses
            ___ Giving up easily
            ___ Worrying you’re not worthy or won’t get enough business

                                         Total Number of Items Checked ____Out of  19

Capability #5 - Going for What You Want  

          Being Appreciated for Who You Are
Feeling irritable, complaining and bitchy
       ___  Feeling or fearing rejection
___ Always trying to please others, sometimes resenting it! 

           Taking Problems in Stride  
___ Trouble motivating yourself
___ Feeling you’re under a lot of stress
___ Taking problems so seriously that there’s little time for joy
___ Can’t stand up to criticism or attacks from others

         Being Up to the Challenge    
___ Tired, de-energized, listless, feeling hopeless
___ Others are draining your energy
___ Unwilling to talk about problems or difficulties
___ Drinking lots of coffee

        Turning What You’ve Got into What You Want    
___ Moping around, feeling sad and depressed
___ Hate to be alone
___ Constantly feeling hungry
            ___ Lots of complaining

        Handling Whatever Comes Along  
___ Bogged down in details or difficulty understanding new things
___ Worrying about money
___ Your work isn’t as high quality as expected or as you’d like
___ Pretending everything is fine
___ Your situation is hard to take

                    Total Number of Items Checked ____ Out of  20                                                                                                                        

 Capability #6 - Giving Your Best

           Having What It Takes      
___ Difficulty collecting money you’re owed
___ Self-doubt
___ Suffering from a recent loss
___ Believe you’ll lose at whatever you try

       Remaining Both Excited and Realistic     
___  Addictions to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes
___ Crying and sobbing a lot
         ___ Easily excitable

      Confronting Your Fears        
___ Avoiding confrontations or uncomfortable situations
___ Unexplained fears
___ Feeling shy and withdrawn
___ Feel nauseous when under pressure

         Creating with Others        
___ Feeling apathetic
___ Need to do things yourself
___ Feeling alone or isolated
                             Total Number of Items Checked ____Out of  14  

Capability #7 - The Strength to Make It       

          Keeping the Thorns Out of Your Side       
___  Put up and shut up instead of speaking out about what bothers you
___ Feeling overburdened
___ Refusing to talk about your problems
___ Seems there’s always something getting the way of your doing what you want

          Achieving Success and Avoiding Failure     
___Keep getting into hassles, hold grudges and/or have on-going feuds
___ Blame others for your problems
___ Hate your current situation, but continue to endure it.
___ Feeling irritable, angry and annoyed
___ Equipment continually breaking down or won’t work

                         Total Number of Items Checked ____ Out of  9

Overview of Totals

     Capability #1 – Seizing Opportunities                ___ out of  9

     Capability #2 – Focusing                                  ___ out of  8

     Capability #3 – Holding Your Own                   ___ out of 12

     Capability #4 – Taking Care of Business           ___ out of 19

     Capability #5 – Going for What You Want        ___ out of 20

     Capability #6 – Giving Your Best                      ___ out of 14

     Capability #7 – Having the Strength to Make It ___  out of 9

Now select the three capabilities where you’ve checked off the largest proportion of reactions and list them below.

              1st                _______________________________

              2nd                   _______________________________________________

              3rd           _______________________________________________

Copyright Sarah Anne Edwards 2002




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